Member Benefits

AGPS promotes its mission by offering its members several benefits. As a member you will

  • Belong to a community of group psychotherapists committed to personal growth in a professional environment.
  • Pay reduced fees for all workshops and presentations. AGPS programs provide CEUs and credit hours for earning your CGP (Certified Group Psychotherapist) credential.
  • Receive complimentary advertising of your therapy groups in the groups database on our website ( This directory of our members' groups is searchable by the public. You will be able to update them at any time. 
  • Be part of a network that provides a forum for the exchange of ideas with other professionals interested in group psychotherapy. This network extends through the online community set up on the member portal of our website. You will receive an online profile when you join AGPS. 
  • Have the opportunity to serve as a member of our Board of Directors.

We are continually working to improve AGPS and our members' experiences. If you have ideas for events or features for AGPS, please email us and let us know!


Categories of Membership:

The AGPS Member community promotes the mission statement by offering group psychotherapy-focused workshops and trainings, a place to advertise current psychotherapy groups in the greater Atlanta area, and local representation to the American Group Psychotherapy Association.  We hope you will join us and make AGPS one of your clinical ‘homes’ in Atlanta. 

We offer a number of different levels of membership in our organization:

  • Full Members 
    • Clinical professionals who are Fellows or Members in the good standing of the American Group Psychotherapy Association.
  • Affiliate Members
    • Clinical professionals in the field of mental health who, although not Members or Associate Members of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, are interested in the practice and development of group psychotherapy.
  • New Professional
    • Graduates of recognized graduate programs in the field of mental health up to 3 years post-graduation.  Copy of certificate is required with application.
  • Student Members
    • Individuals currently in training in recognized graduate programs in the field of mental health. This membership category is held on a year to year basis pending the conferring of a degree in one of the mental health professions and requires substantiation of student status annually.
  • Life Members
    • Individuals who have been Full Members in good standing for fifteen years and who have reached the age of sixty-five.

Ready to join us? Head over to our Membership Application.